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Join Coachella Valley Craft for your next Fundraising Event! We would love to partner with your organization or group to help raise funds for your cause!



Our mission & vision at Coachella Valley Craft is to bring our community together one craft & sip event at a time!

We strive to provide access to craft events for all members of our community with both public and private events for kids, adults, seniors, schools, non-profits, and adult day programs. Allowing us to fundraise with you supports us in following our mission and brings our community together!

Fundraising Information

Fundraising with Coachella Valley Craft is a unique and fun way to to support your organization! Whether you’re looking to fundraise with your youth sports team or fundraise with a local non-profit in the valley, we are absolutely certain there is a project for everyone! Booking an event with us is not only easy and fun, but everyone will get to take home a project they are proud of! As the organizer of your event, your project is FREE.

How Does It Work?
There are no physical tickets to sell or collect. Coachella Valley Craft handles all payment transactions through our online registration on our website. Your group will sign up directly on our website > To book a fundraiser, we require the event organizer to pay a deposit of $100 (which will be refunded once the minimum sign up has been met). The minimums include: 12 people at our on sight DIY studio; 15 people off site. All workshop pricing begins at $45 per person up to $74 per person depending on project. After the workshop has taken place Coachella Valley Craft will donate a percentage of the total based on registrations listed below:

Per Person In Studio:           Per Person Off Site:

12 - 20 people 15%                 15 - 22 people 15%

21 - 30 People 20%                23 - 32 people 20%

31 - 40* people 22%                33 - 40* people 22%

We suggest booking your fundraiser a minimum of 4 weeks in advance to allow adequate time to promote and secure at least 12-15 seats (depending on site) so that the event is profitable for your organization. We will advertise your fundraiser alongside our other events on social media and through our email newsletters.


Workshops range from 2-3 hours depending on the projects chosen.

Proof of authorization to collect donations for the organization is required for hosting a fundraiser. Following the event, Coachella Valley Craft will donate proceeds directly to your organization.

*Our current class maximum is 40, however, we have partnered with groups to offer a fundraising event more than one night if you have groups larger than 40. The total of all attendees would then be calculated to determine the total fundraising amount. Groups with a total of attendees greater than 41+ would qualify for a donation amount of 22% percent.

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